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For an annual fee of $200, our members can expect healthcare services from top tier Family Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers with easy access to online appointment scheduling and increased time with providers. Our goal is to take the hassle out of our patient’s health and wellness. For more information regarding HTPN Direct Care, please fill out the form below and one of our office representatives will contact you.  You may also contact our office directly at 469.800.8000.  Or schedule an appointment to see a provider today.

Quality Primary Care Physicians at Your Convenience

Direct Care consists of healthcare providers who are available at your convenience. We aim to provide our members the highest quality healthcare with minimal wait times, during times when most doctors offices are closed.

Let the primary care providers at Direct Care show you what modern healthcare can look like today.

Physicians Ahmad Garrett-Price, MD and Aleena Kurien, DO are proud to be part of an establishment that puts patients at the forefront of their work efforts. Direct Care allows them the opportunity to focus more on patients and less on paperwork.

Say goodbye to waiting rooms, become a member, and schedule an appointment today! Call us at 469-800-8000.

Modern Medicine for a Modern World

The benefits of being a Direct Care member include:

  • Ability to communicate with your doctor via email or phone call
  • Stress free appointment bookings and minimal wait times

Our embracement of modern communication offers a more fluid doctor experience. Once you arrive at our facility, you can feel free to walk around, as there are many nearby amenities. Direct Care will text you once your doctor is ready to see you.

What is a membership model?

Membership medicine is a system of health care in which a fee is paid for the services that will be provided to the patient. It is not much different from traditional health care, but the differences completely benefit you, the patient. On top of that, we ensure healthcare providers have a manageable amount of patients, so your doctor will have more time to spend with you and work on your health.

There is also less red tape in general. Direct Care is embracing the digital world, which means you now have more avenues of communication with your doctors. Less red tape also means faster and more personalized health care.

Another benefit is we have extended hours. We can be available to you in the early morning, late in the evening, and on the weekends. You can now make appointments that work with your schedule.

Become a member today, and experience tailored healthcare for your needs.